Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sa k ap fet? My subject line means "water can't climb mountains" I don't know what to say cause like it's so weird being back here tbh. Like for some reason i don't even felt like i left. Im beyond happy right now. I mean i don't get a long with my companions as much but I'm still super happy 😊 here's my week! Oh ya transfers are tomorrow so thats coool. I'm staying here in Jamaica my companion is Elder Bissereth the Haitian kid!! 

Tuesday- we taught this kid named Francisco such a stud. It was very emotional my comps are really blunt with him. I dont really like the way they teach him but he loves them so its okay :) anyways he wants to get baptized but his mom told us that she is going to make that decision. Im like how the frick frack are you gonna know if hes ready if you don't ever come to lessons ugh. Shouts to my mom for letting me choose 💕  so ya we're just waiting for his mom to pull it together. These Haitian girls on the bus were speaking creole and my Haitian comp goes "elder King vini la" which is like come here so i go over there and they were saying some pretty bad things about me but like good things idk how to explain hahaha. Anyways my comp goes speak to them so im like "sa k ap di?" Which is like what's sayin super slang hahhaha they like got off the next stop lol.

Wednesday- We had doc appointments all day long omg we had a appointment for my eyes and now im a 4 eyes lol idk if I look good or not so send some emails with your input ;)  then my white comp had some doc appointments. Honestly super boring day hahaha Elder Watson and I are killin them abs tho Chak swa nou fe spo hehe. Like every night we killin it. 

Thursday-hahaha oh man this day sucked kinda a pair of senior missionaries came over to look at our apartment and let me tell you we got freakin chastised so hard Hahahahahaha. I have only been here for 2 weeks so they didnt really get mad at me so thats good, but honestly the apartment wasn't dirty at all like the kitchen had some stuff on the walls from forever ago haha. We cleaned for hours. We went over to a members house and we fixed her laptop and printer haha. THEN SHE TOOK US TO RED LOBSTER 😍omg omg it was the best food I've had in forever literally best night ever.

Friday- Not gonna lie straight feasted on the scriptures this morning wow mosiah was my best friend just killed it. Mosiah 23:22 is my fav i got. We Taught Francisco again it went good talked about the importance in the commandments. Then we went to sister Natasha's she gave us some Chinese food haha way good. Then we taught this guy named Jay he cuts all the missionaries hair for free. He wants to learn creole so we read the bom with him and we were like can we start with a prayer he was like ya can i say it? So we're like ya and he says it in creole hahhaha 😯mind was blown so hard. He's a permagator which is like a permanent investigator lol. 

Saturday- we went on exchanges Elder Bergason was with me and Elder Bissereth. We went to this face to face with Elder Holland and Elder Erying pretty cool they are so apostles wow hahha. They did a live broadcast we weren't actually there lol. Then we went to this appointment and got lost that was way annoying haha. Then I called this referral named robin and i was like " hey you ordered a Bible can we bring that by? She was like ya come now! I was like woah chill we're eating jk didnt say that so we went over there she lives in the projects haha. Here in Jamaica the project buildings have security out posts outside of the buildings lol. We went in the wrong building and there was a huge party goin on downstairs, yes we got the most awkward looks white kids in a project party 😎hahahahahahaha. Then we went to the right building and taught her a way good lesson about the bom and she said she likes us and to come back next Thursday so good stuff.

Sunday- I'm done typing but we had a good Sunday went and had dinner with some members and went to the senior missionaries in our ward and they gave us cake it was good. 

If you want to send me packages send them here the mission office 85-69 60th drive Elmhurst NY 11373

If you wanna send me letters send them to my apartment 91-12 175th street apartment 7A 11432

Here's some pics! The church is true and the book is way blue and i way love you ❤️

Monday, March 6, 2017


Well freakin whats to the up?!? I missed writing this amazing email every freakin week ugh. I honestly missed the mission so much. So ya lemme give ya the deetes! I'm in Jamaica queens right now with Elder Watson and Bissereth! We're in a trio till not this Tuesday but next! Lemme tell ya about them.

Elder Watson - white kid from Virginia he was adopted way cool kid. We don't see eye to eye on everything. I kinda wanna throat punch him here and there but he's a sweet spirit. He's a transfer behind me.

Elder Bissereth - he's a convert from Haiti he's been out for 1 year he's very straight forward. Umm he can be super funny at times and really really quiet at other times. He has a rough past. Umm he used to be a DJ before the mish so he's always beat boxing it's cool haha.

FUNNY STORY I think so we were on our way to church and this lady starts like making fun of my comps glasses and she just starts going off. She turns to me and kept telling me how beautiful I am and how I'm a really good person. She was telling me how she's single and has a college degree hahaha. She's like 55 then she goes "imma tell you your future you're gonna have 2 kids in the next 4 years and your wife will never leave you. I'm like ohh ight thanks. 2 KIDS IN 4 YEARS HOME BOY GONNA BE 23?????? Anyways ya sorry for  the long email lol.

Tuesday - got off the plain APs picked me up we came to my new apartment dropped me off the last words they say to me "help them they're struggling" hahaha I'm like wait what nahh. So I get settled in the apartment we went and taught a Haitian lady and her fam and it went way good it was so awesome being able to speak creole and teach again!! Way dope.

Wednesday - We had a district meeting we only have on other companionship in our district which is hecka weird haha. Elder Williams and Elder Bergason funniest companionship every. Sisters deff need to be in that tho convo gets off subject a lot.

Thursday - Elder Bissereth asked me to give him a blessing he turns around just like jaw dropped and told me what I said was in his patriarchal blessing and I'm like whaaaa the church is so true lol. We had interview with the president went pretty good!! Then we went on exchanges with Elder Williams big huge black guy. So we went and taught a couple families way cool. I shared my conversion story way loved it. This member Kim and her non member husband cut us watermelon and it was straight rubber ahahahaha we all laughed good times.

Friday - we exchanged back and then taught a few lessons that night. Me and Elder Williams 1v1 in bball and I wrecked him 4 times in a row. He kept saying he is better than me then I just whooped the boy hehe. Then we taught a pretty good lesson later that night.

Saturday - funny story we went to this old gusy house and we knock and he answers and goes "goodbye" we were like how our bad hahaha we knocked again and he goes "oh its you guys how ya doin come back monday" God out here just testing our faith ahahah.

Sunday - we had church at 9 went way good. They asked for me to come and bear my testimony so I went up there and freaking crushed it so hard. I shared this story about a man pushing a rock and then bishop quoted me in his talk and some other guy did. Throughout the whole day like 8 people brought up my story I felt way dope hahaha. If u wanna know the story shoot me an email and I'll tell ya hehe. Now we are eating at a members tonight should be fun!!

Here's some pics

Elde Wa

Monday, January 16, 2017


So lemme start this awesome email off with the bad news.... most of you all know I'm coming home for surgery. I'll be home for 4-6 weeks!! Then I'm coming right back to NY. I have no intentions of staying in Utah at all. My heart is in NY and always will be till I finish my mission. I love you all and I'd love all the support I can get. I'm goin home for one reason and that is to get healthy. Thank you very much for everything everyone!!  I'll be coming home Tuesday.

Ight so here's the amazingness of my week now. So this Sunday I had the opportunity to baptize Warner! I've been teaching him for 6 months (my whole mission) and he finally made it!! It was honestly the craziest experience ever! I haven't felt like that since my baptism:) Warner and I got changed before together and I was like ok go into the bathroom and change. He goes "King you played football get in here with me!" Hahahaha I laughed so hard so we changed together then we get into the font and I was like use this hand to plug your nose he goes "I don't need to plug my nose come on I'm not a baby!" Hahahaha again cutest guy ever. Dunking him was pretty hard he's a lot bigger than me but it was so awesome. I was like Brock was doing this to me just 3 years ago haha such an amazing experience. After the baptism me, Thompson and Warner were in the bathroom he told us he's never been happier in his life. He was just goin off on how happy he was :) that man is one of my best friends I love him so much❤❤ 

I love this gospel with all my heart and I can see it change peoples lives. I've watched it change Warner and it makes me so happy to see. The biggest part for me about all this, is faith Idk where'd I'd be with out that. Once you have faith in the Lord he will give you blessings on blessing you just need to have trust in him. I love this work I'm doing in NY and it breaks my heart to have to leave for this short time but I know the Lord has a plan for me so I'll have faith in the plan and just keep marching forward. I love you all so much! Keep living your lives to the fullest. Always pray❤

Elde Wa

Monday, January 9, 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS!!! BEST BROTHER EVER I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE YOU ARE MY NUMBER FAN!! Little do you know I'm your biggest fan!! You is my bestest friend:) you might be a youngin but you're my bff. I can't wait to baptize you when I get home big guy! Take care of mama for me :)  

Hello family and friends I hope you had thee most bomb week ever :) my subject line for you non Haitians means "I'm changing my life forever" so yeah that's how I feel right now. So lemme just give you a back ground of this transfer real quick. My comp and I have gotten the shaft sooo hard like no one wants anything to do with us until this week it changed :) I'll be brief tho cause I'm tryna catch this sleep kounyeya hahaha

Tuesday- We had to like take the day for meetings and stuff but then we went to two inactive members and totally got the shaft (like last day of the shaft) then we went to bed

Wednesday- We had trainer trainee meeting which is just like president and the APs teaching us and giving us insight for training and stuff went way good:) well after we got a call from the park slope Elders and for you who don't know that's where Elder Robinson got sent to (My trainer) he said he found 2 Haitian brothers and he wanted to do a pass off lesson with us cause he's in an English area. So we went there with him and I got to teach a Creole lesson with him again and it made me way happy! Gave the guys a Book of Mormon they said they'll read it and they'll have us over next week! 

Thursday- we went and taught Warner so hard. It went good of course. Then we went to Ann Marie's house (Haitian lady investigator) we taught her fasting and we had to like use a ton of French words to teach her cause she didn't know them in creole so that was difficult for sure. She said she'll try and fast to get work off! Then her daughter was talking a lot in the lesson so we asked if we could teach her next time with her mom and she said of course!! So hecka pumped bout that! It was probs the best Creole I have ever spoke on my mission, gift a tongues is so tru.

Friday- we weekly planned and it went way good like best planning sesh I've had! Then we were calling like potential investigators and we called this girl named "Marie" but a dude answered and said it was her? Then we like taught him bout prophets cause he said "what could you teach me that I do already know?" And I'm like better just shut ur face cutie pie cause we got a lot haha. So he like went on how is the sun full of gas if space is a vacuum and how is it there? And said we have been lied too?? But like said we could meet with some time and talk so it went good I guess.

Saturday- So I was diagnosed with Laryngitis so I've been on like my death bed for 3 days so we stayed in till 6 me and my comp called around 85 people and got 12 appointments so it was pretty good actually:) then we went to teach Warner but he was like out sleeping so he said he can't tonight... then we went over to the Charles (Haitian family) and talked with Anastazia and her nephew and it went way good. Gabriel told us that he wanted to become like us and that just hit my lil heart so hard. He made us go ask his parents if we could teach him!! He's 12 and speaks 3 languages so that's cool.

Sunday- we had church and we went to get Warner but he ignored our phone and his door cause he was scared of baptism but he called us during Sacrament and apologized and said he still wants to get baptized so we're good :) this week will be tough for him!! Then we had a baptism with the zone leaders and it was awesome Warner came he liked it a lot! Then we went to Terry's later at night!

Sorry for the way long letter and if it's not as funny as usual just a way spiritual week :) I love you all soo much :) here's One pic cause ya all I got. I got a fresh haircut (my comps 6,5 I'm not a midget)

Elde Wa

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hey peeps how's all doin??? Freakin missed ur faces so hard. Well ya know I'm just in Brooklyn NY and I'm like 20 min From Times Square and lemme tell ya it took everything I had not to go there last night. Anyways here's my blessed week!!!

Tuesday-  We had interviews with President! We have interviews every transfer with him so it's pretty cool. He's my fav. Then we went and taught Warn Dawg he's so golden!!! He's getting baptized on January 15th the ward is preparing for him. He asked me to baptize him, he's literally amazing.

Wednesday- so during study's we were just chillin and we got a phone call and it was from Elder Saintran!! He came back to the mission field after 2 weeks hahaha he's cute we took him teaching with us we taught like 3 lessons way good. Then we went out to lunch with him. It was more than weird cause like he was my zone leader for my whole start of my mish haha.

Thursday- not gonna lie we went so hard this day. Like we didn't teach hecka lessons but we like visited a ton of in active members and it was honestly so awkward. We visited this guy name William but he told us to call him Bill? Apparently that's a thing hahaha anyways he thinks our church is dumb now so he was cute. Then we went to this Haitian family's house, The Charles and we wrestled with the youngins and the 16 year old came at me and I like slammed him hahaha he goes "ou gwo anpil" which means "you're very big" I'm like heck ya I am boi probs but in a few extra LBs too 😂 (I'm like 63% kidding lol)

Friday-  We taught the Warner the 3 Nephite story and his mind was blown but he was like coming up with all these ways they've kept their identities secret, cute guy.

Saturday- well I woke up with a flipping sore throat that made me way mad for sure /: then we didn't really do much besides go to Warners cause I was way sick. We went home and prepared for our awesome New Years event!!! We had the zone leaders over for pizza and then we played Dew pong which is very entertaining it was awesome. We tried staying up till 12 but umm we're so immune to 10:30 we were out by 11:00, way fun night.

Sunday- well we had church and we translated priesthood and it went way good today. My comp and I are both new to the language so it can be difficult at times haha. It was good tho. Then we went and looked up referrals it was fun :) bout it!!

I love you all so much :) Mwen remnem tout mount anpil. Nou Toujou bezwen jezikri nan lavi nou paske li ka ede nou avek tout bagay. M konnen se ou li liv momon an w ap resevwa repons epi benidicksyon :) I would translate but that's no fun!! Love you guys have a good week!! Here's some pics.

Elde Wa

Friday, December 30, 2016


Hey friends and family!!! I hope more people than my grandparents read this emails lolz but I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, here's my week!

Tuesday- We taught Warner and he's just cuter than ever! He reads the Book of Mormon more than I do he's so golden :):) not that much happened Tuesday...

Wednesday- Well ummm ya so 3 years ago from this day (21st) I was baptized by brocky poo so that was a good day!  Then we went to this place called Sheepshead Bay and did some look ups or less active members. Then we went to Bdubs and that was more than enjoyable

Thursday- We had exchanges with the zone leaders and I was with Jeppson he is so dope. We went to downtown Brooklyn and did some look ups. Then we went to get on a train and we look out side the train and we got on the wrong train we were goin over the Manhattan bridge. Oh man it was hilarious cause it's not even our mission so that scared us a lil hahaha, but we made it back safely! Then we exchanged back at like 7pm and Thompson and I went to Sister Charles house she's a Haitian member. Doesn't speak English hahaha. We took her with us to teach one of our investigators Ann Marie. Sister Charles threw down her testimony it was sooo good. 

Friday- we had the mission wide Christmas party and it was more than fun!! We all did skits! My zones was pretty funny :) I'll try and find the video. Then we ate, there I got to see Robinson my amazing trainer and so that made my day hahaha once you train for yourself you love your trainer so much more after. Oh btw I went to Panda after.

Saturday- Well Christmas Eve yay!!! Didn't feel like Christmas Eve at all cause ya not with my fam but it was still a good day. We went out to the tip of the island of Brooklyn and looked up an in active well he moved 15 years ago so umm no clue where he went. Then we went to this like wet land area and it was weird first time I was surrounded by trees for the first time in 5 months

Sunday- BEST DAY EVER OMG. I got to talk with my mommy and I missed her face so very much. Bridger is still a douche but that's ok I'm sure it'll fade off before I get home haha. Sorry I won't go off of talkin with them, but it was awesome talking with the fam and new fam and my friends. Love and miss you all soooo sooo much :) here's some pics!!

Downtown Brooklyn

Me and my Haitians

Cool place that didn't feel like Brooklyn lol
I just look hecka sexy in this

Elde Wa

Monday, December 19, 2016


Well my subject line is the best 2 things I can think of right now ;) I also hecka miss tanner haha. This week was good! Wayyyy cold it's like 10 degrees outside so kinda sucks, here's my week!

Tuesday- we went and dropped off Robinson and it was more than sad :/ my amazing trainee just gone haha. He just went to like 20 min away so not too far so I'll see him here and there. We later went and looked up inactive people. All of them are Russians man I just can't do it. I speak 2 languages but there's sooo many more here. Like Russian??? I don't understand any of them we go to haha kinda sucks but way cool at the same time I guess.

Wednesday- we had service and district meeting they both were pretty good :) Elder Thompson and I went to teach Warner and he was just in his underwear the whole lesson, oh my gosh that man is awesome hahahaha. This day I was way home sick cause idk why??? Hahaha anyways the day ended awesome I was just one happy fella.

Thursday- all 3 lessons we had set up canceled so that really made me mad but ya know it's okay.... so we were on the train and this guy gets once start talking he asks who we are and stuff. I go "so you have a religion yourself?" He goes "no, I don't believe in God" I'm like "oh so like do you believe in a higher power?" He's like "no, I believe in myself" then he goes on to tell us how could we believe in the Book of Mormon we're stupid we're young we should know better then I'm like "so how do you think we got here?" He goes "idk Evolution" I was pissed hahaha, then as we are getting off the train he goes "by the way I'm a return missionary" instant gut shot man... I was like so sad bout it. First of all not to knock anyone but believe in yourself man?

Friday-  We taught our first Creole lesson together to Ann Marie and we taught the plan of salvation and I thought we did exceptionally well. Besides she was like how do we have families after death and I'm like well Ann Marie I'll get back to you on that. Cause I had no idea how to explain that in creole yet!

Saturday- well it was my first b-day away from home hahaha definitely didn't feel like my birthday so it was weird. That's the cool thing about the mission you don't ever focus on yourself you give all your time to the people around you. Don't worry about yourself just others. Then we had the ward Christmas party! Honestly so fun. Warner came and like the whole ward was downstairs eating and he goes "King watch this" in my head I'm like "oh fetch what is he gonna do" he stands up and yells at the whole ward and goes "Hey it's Elder Kings birthday today can we all sing him happy birthday!??" I think that was the happiest I've been in my life. When people from home weren't givin me as much as attention as I used to get my new family gave it all at once and I was beyond happy. Ugh such a great night. I love my mission sooooo much. Then the elders and sister came and brought me ice cream when we got home and that was hecka good

Sunday- good ol church and then we were in the bus on the way to Terry's and my comp and I started speaking creole and like half the bus was Haitian and their minds were blown hahaha. We got a couple of their numbers. Then we missed our bus stop and like 7 people helped us find out how to get where we going. People in the streets haven't been nice to me like that my whole mission it was awesome haha :) 

That was my week I love you all and miss you all so so much MERRY CHRISTMAS! I can't wait to see some of your faces in a week!!!! I miss my family soooooo much. Especially Trav and Bridger :/ as much as I thought I wouldn't say that haha. Anyways don't forget I'm still human so you can wish me a Merry Christmas;) okay bye here's some pics!!

Elde Wa